Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MINE: art exhibition KZNSA Gallery

Archival ink,back-lit print on lightbox
With kind permission ot Liz Sparg and KZNSA Gallery
Photo by Michele Woodroffe

On Tuesday 17 November I popped into KZNSA in Glenwood for the opening of MINE .Featuring artsists Elizabeth Sparg, Renee Leslie, Simmi Dullay, Lesley Magwod-Fraser, Angie Arbuthnot, Bheki Kambuhle, Mbekeni Mbili , Cally Lotz and Lee Scott Hempson, MINE showcases work by participants in the second KZNSA Profesional Practice Course.

This is a collection of works in a broad variety of mediums rangind from oils and acrylics to lightboxes, multi media collages and warped new forms of photography.

Thanks go to Liz Sparg who invited me and whose quirky animation juxtaposed onto everyday video scenes and archival images completely captured my imagination.

It is impossible to do this exhibition real justice on a page , even a virtaul page..so get down to the exhibition and see for yourself. If you're not lucky enough to live in KZN then visit the gallery website for information and images from these talented artists. Exhibition closes Sunday 29 November.

ELIZABETH SPARG: www.elizabethsparg.com


KZNSA GALLERY: http://www.nsagallery.co.za/


Emme Young (031 277 1705)
Brenton Maart curator@kznsagallery.co.za

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