Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hey Cherry

You arrive dishevelled at a gathering with the girls after a last minute helter skelter search for the perfect present. The obligatory edibles are balanced precariously on one hand , a sticky child is holding the other (baby sitter cancelled last moment), and tucked under your arm is a badly wrapped box of chocolates from the supermarket! Oh, the shame!Your perfectly presented friend , who never perspires, passes the hostess her present, the wrapping itself is an art work .Everyone coos. The present is qwirky, cool and not your normal retail bought fare.

The stuff of girlie nightmares!

This is where Sam and Bron of Hey Cherry come to the rescue! They sell all sorts of lovely things from classic Hardy Boy books tohomeware and insulting embroideries!Everything is achingly cool and exquisitely presented :boxed and beribboned, now all you need to do is add love (and your name to the attached card).

Ofcourse with their discerning taste, these girls also stock those rare one of a kind One+1 bags you all love ;)

Find the Hey Cherry stall at I Heart Market in Durban , or visit

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